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Finding Hygge in Positano, Italy

On a recent recent trip to Europe back in May, partially for work and partially to get away from the busy North American life and to visit friends and colleagues, the Hygge North Team had the chance to take a little detour to the famous little town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast.  Positano quickly proved itself to be one of the most beautiful places we have been to, despite having travelled to some pretty amazing places together already.

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Finding Hygge in West Hollywood

We were in West Hollywood for the past few days visiting one of our warehouses and searching around for fun, new products and places that embody the sense of Hygge. Here are a couple of photos and places that we would recommend visiting if you're in this area or looking for a place to cozy up and Hygge. Book Soup  Such a cute book store - a great place to visit with a cup of tea in search of a new story or adventure. All books are hyggelig, so this place was definitely top of our list to see.  (photo credit: http://www.booksoup.com/book-soup-photo-gallery-0)  Estrella It's like stepping into your grandma's house, circa 1970. Filled with throw pillows, comfy seating areas, plenty of...

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Hygge-Escape to Pender Island, BC - Woods on Pender

Instead of spending an excessive amount of money on frivolous gifts for birthday's and anniversaries, Lesley and I have started the tradition of going on little weekend get-aways together for a few days to celebrate special occasions. These trips always take us somewhere new, either to a new ski resort, Oceanside community, or remote island nearby that we have not yet explored. The one thing all of our little mini trips all have in common is the goal of finding a tranquil place to get away from the daily stresses of two demanding careers, needy family members, and friends who don't always share the same values. In this way, we have always been searching for Hygge on these trips, even...

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